Private Jewelry Collection 11:11 by Marianna Rosset


11:11 It is time to choose. Private Jewelry Collection by Marianna Rosset 11:11. Hotline to the Universe with the magic numbers.

11:11 It is time to be connected. It is time to feel blessed. It is time to make a wish.

11:11 number combination has been shown to create psychic vibrations thus giving people heightened psychic awareness.It is believed that wishes made at 11:11 get manifested quickly. Every time you see 11:11 let yourself dive into the magic of these numbers, take a deep breath, give yourself a moment to enjoy your connection to the Universe, feel the gratefulness for being here and now and make a wish.

Every piece of the 11:11 jewelry collection has a special L90 BioGeometry signature. This particular shape combines several BioGeometry forming principles to create a field of natural energy balancing and healing qualities thus enhancing physical and emotional protection.